Thursday, 30 August 2012

Review: John Frieda Go Blonder Lightening Shampoo

Hi everyone!

Today I'm finally doing a review on this Go Blonder Shampoo by John Frieda. I've been planning to do this for months so I'm excited to finally tell you guys what I think about this product :)

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Application: Cleans & gets rid of dirt very well, removes any product build-up leaving your hair squeaky clean!

Hair Feels: Soft & Manageable just like any other shampoo. It doesn't feel dry or damaged, so this shampoo is safe to use as often as you want and even on weak hair.

Scent: Fresh, zesty lemon smell; very refreshing so great to use in the morning!

Lightening: gradually lightens hair that has been processed before. So you will see an effect if your hair has been died or bleached before, whereas your natural hair colour will stay the same.

Recommended Use: Once in 2-3 days would be perfect and you will start to see a difference after a few weeks.

Colour: This shampoo can be used on any hair colour from blonde to brunette; as long as it's not your natural hair colour, you will definitely see a difference.

Price: £5.89 at Boots, so instead of going to the salon you can save yourself some money!

Range: There is a Shampoo, Conditioner and a Lightening Spray, so you can choose whichever product is more convenient for you to use.

So overall, I would definitely recommend this product to you guys! It just depends on what effect you are looking to achieve. Obviously keep in mind that we all have different types of hair, so try this shampoo and see for yourself!


Thursday, 2 August 2012

My Summer Beauty Essentials!

Hi everyone!

I wanted to share with you guys some beauty products I've been loving during summer, so I came up with my summer essentials :)

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 It's important to take care of your skin during the summer, because a lot of it will be on show and you want to make sure it looks it's best. So here's a body brush I like to use, which increase circulation, reduces cellulite and generally improves the condition of your skin. I use it on dry skin before I take a shower and I love how it make my skin feel!

Next I have some fake tan, which for me personally is a must-have for the summer! This particular one from Fake Bake gives a natural looking tan, which doesn't go streaky and fades evenly. And then another body product I've been loving is this moisturizer from Garnier. This has a gel-creme texture so it absorbs quickly whilst still hydrating your skin; plus it feels cooling and smells refreshing!

It's also important to take care of your hair, because the sun can sometimes dry it out and damage the ends. So I chose this leave-in conditioner by John Frieda, which is my favourite hair care brand so no surprises there! This has a lightweight formula, which smoothens the hair without making it greasy.

This NARS Tinted Moisturizer has been my go-to foundation for spring and now it's my summer essential. It's just such an amazing product! It lets your skin breathe whilst giving enough coverage for everyday, so I would recommend it to anyone. (Check out my video review here)

For the face I love to use bronzers during the summer time! This one from Bourjois is one of my favourites, as it looks natural and gives a nice healthy glow. And if you haven't guessed from the name, it smells like chocolate!

I've been obsessed with these Revlon Lip Butters, so I had to include one in my summer essentials. This bright pink shade looks gorgeous on the lips and can suit any complexion in my opinion. The formula is also very hydrating, so try one out if you haven't already!

Another lip product I picked is this bright coral lipgloss also from Revlon. Not only is the colour perfect for the summer, but it also smells divine! I always try to wear brighter shades during the warmer months, because otherwise I never will!

To finish things off we all need a gorgeous summer scent. This one from Benefit smells like cocktails, sun lotion, the beach and just fruity yumminess! It's perfect if you're looking for something fun and girly :)

I hope you guys are enjoying the month of August!


Monday, 30 July 2012

How I Style Maxi Skirts!

Hi everyone!

It's been a while since I've done a blog post, so I thought I would show you guys a quick OOTD. Here's my take on maxi skirts and how I like to wear them!

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Top - Zara
Maxi Skirt - Zara
Heels - TKMaxx
Bracelet - Accessorize
Earrings - Warehouse


Thursday, 19 July 2012

Sedona Lace 168 Pro Full Color Palette Review

Hi everyone!

Today I'm doing a review on this Sedona Lace Eyeshadow Palette, which comes with 168 colours. I was actually really impressed with it so I wanted to share with you guys my thoughts :)

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Check out my video review here

Packaging: Plastic black case with 2 levels of eyeshadows; bottom layer comes out if you pull on the little string.
Texture: Soft and creamy, feels great on the eyelids.
Colour: Highly pigmented and not at all chalky; even colours like black and yellow stay true to colour.
Lasting Power: Pretty good; if used with a primer can last all day.
Finish: Mixture of matte and shimmer eyeshadows, but mostly pearly satin colours.
Application: Easy and smooth; blends quickly and effortlessly.

I also got this Eye Primer from Sedona Lace. I've only ever used the Urban Decay one so I can't compare it to anything else, but I really like it! It's a sheer creamy texture, which goes on smoothly; plus it makes these eyeshadows last longer and the colours appear more vibrant.

What do you guys think? Do you have any Sedona Lace products that you love?

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Review: Garnier BB Cream for Combination/Oily Skin

Hi everyone!

I'm finally doing the highly requested Garnier BB Cream review! This is the new version that recently came out and it's for combination to oily skin. I was really excited to try this out and now after about 2 weeks I'm ready to share my thoughts with you guys.

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Packaging: Comes in a plastic squeezy tube with a long applicator. Be careful not to store it upright, because the pressure causes the product to burst out of the tube when you open it. I also nearly confused this with the Eye Roll-on because the box is nearly identical!

Colour: Comes in two shades 'Light' and 'Medium', which can be annoying if you have darker skin. But the colours are neutral without any harsh undertones, so they can easily suit a lot of skin tones. And don't forget that you can always blend this BB Cream with your favourite foundation or just add a bit of moisturizer for a sheer finish.

Texture: I found this to be very light and runny, which means you have plenty of time to blend it into your skin and a small amount goes a long way. It doesn't feel cakey and sits like a second skin.

Finish: On my skin this product had a matte finish, which I did expect, because this is targeted towards combination/oily skin. I wouldn't recommend this for normal/dry skin as it would stick to dry areas and emphasize any flakiness you may have.

Lasting Power: It stayed on my skin for around 10 hours and I didn't need to apply any powder throughout the day. So even if you have super oily skin, this will work really nicely!

Scent: At first you get a strong paint smell which evaporates after about 10 minutes, but if you have sensitive skin then you might want to be careful.

Coverage: Light/Medium and easily buildable to Full. So if you have any problems with your skin like acne or pigmentation, this will definitely cover everything up. And you can always apply two layers to areas that need more coverage.

So overall, I'm really impressed with this Garnier BB Cream and I would definitely recommend it to you guys! Give it a go and you won't be disappointed :)


Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Birthday Haul!

Hi everyone!

It was my Birthday on the 15th of June and I want to share with you guys some of my favourite presents! Even though I bought most of them myself, it's still nice to treat yourself once in a while :)

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I somehow lost all my sunglasses, so I decided to splurge out and buy myself a good high-quality pair. I'm really happy with these Ray Ban ones, because they are very simple and classic, plus they sit nicely on my face.

And then probably my favourite present would have to be this Michael Kors bag. I'm really excited that I finally got it! I went for this muted ivory grey colour and the leather has a very unusual texture, almost like it's grated or scraped off. But I think it looks lovely!

Next I popped in to Lush! I adore this brand but their products are rather expensive, so I don't always buy them. But because it was my Birthday, I though why not! I bought this shower gel which can also be used as a shampoo. The main ingredient is honey, so it has a lot of healing properties plus it smells divine! I also decided to try one of their perfumes called 'Vanillary', and as the name suggests it smells of yummy vanilla :)

I know you're thinking how the hell can she afford this! But this lipstick I actually got for free with my Debenhams Beauty Card points. How good is that! I've always wanted to own one of these, so I decided on a neutral pink shade, which I know will work nicely for every day.

I also purchased another bottle of this perfume, which is one of my absolute favourites! I ran out of it ages ago, but I couldn't justify buying another expensive bottle straight away. So I have it now and I will be using it sparingly this time!

The final product I want to show you is this NARS blush in the famous 'Orgasm' colour. I can't believe I only bought it now, since it's such a popular shade! It's the most gorgeous coral pink blush with loads of shimmer, so I can't wait to try it!


Monday, 2 July 2012

June Favourites!

Hi everyone!

June is my birthday month, so I feel like it flew by super quickly! Nonetheless, I still have some lovely products to share with you guys :)

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This Aussie Leave-In Conditioner is great if you have dry ends that always seem to get tangled after the shower. It makes brushing out my hair so much easier and my hair feels soft and silky afterwards!

And then this Garnier BB Cream is actually really good! I haven't tried any other BB Creams so I guess my opinion is a little biased, but I still think it's an amazing product. I purchased the one for combination/oily skin and it works really nicely for my skin type, leaving it matte yet comfortable all day.

I don't know why I never mention this moisturizer because it is my absolute favourite! I use it every morning and it's perfect for my combination skin, plus it's a nice base for makeup.

Next I have this bronzer, which a lot of you guys said you really liked. And I'm happy that I love it myself! It's only £3.99 but gives a natural bronzed look without looking orange. So if you haven't tried this already, definitely go check it out!

Moving on to lip products, these two lipsticks I've been wearing non-stop! The one from The Body Shop gives the perfect colour for everyday plus it's very hydrating on the lips. And then the one from Rimmel is a pretty coral shade, which I love to wear as a statement lipstick with minimal makeup on the rest of my face.

This nail combination is absolutely stunning! If you want super fun Barbie nails, then these nail polishes are great! My nails didn't chip for over a week and kept the same vibrant colour.

Let's enjoy the month of July! 


Saturday, 30 June 2012

How I Style Maxi Dresses: Summer OOTD

Hi everyone!

I've been loving the maxi trend, so here's an example of how I style maxi dresses.

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Dress-New Look, Cardigan-Escada, Shoes-Primark, Bag-Michael Kors