Saturday, 7 July 2012

Review: Garnier BB Cream for Combination/Oily Skin

Hi everyone!

I'm finally doing the highly requested Garnier BB Cream review! This is the new version that recently came out and it's for combination to oily skin. I was really excited to try this out and now after about 2 weeks I'm ready to share my thoughts with you guys.

Check out my video review here

Packaging: Comes in a plastic squeezy tube with a long applicator. Be careful not to store it upright, because the pressure causes the product to burst out of the tube when you open it. I also nearly confused this with the Eye Roll-on because the box is nearly identical!

Colour: Comes in two shades 'Light' and 'Medium', which can be annoying if you have darker skin. But the colours are neutral without any harsh undertones, so they can easily suit a lot of skin tones. And don't forget that you can always blend this BB Cream with your favourite foundation or just add a bit of moisturizer for a sheer finish.

Texture: I found this to be very light and runny, which means you have plenty of time to blend it into your skin and a small amount goes a long way. It doesn't feel cakey and sits like a second skin.

Finish: On my skin this product had a matte finish, which I did expect, because this is targeted towards combination/oily skin. I wouldn't recommend this for normal/dry skin as it would stick to dry areas and emphasize any flakiness you may have.

Lasting Power: It stayed on my skin for around 10 hours and I didn't need to apply any powder throughout the day. So even if you have super oily skin, this will work really nicely!

Scent: At first you get a strong paint smell which evaporates after about 10 minutes, but if you have sensitive skin then you might want to be careful.

Coverage: Light/Medium and easily buildable to Full. So if you have any problems with your skin like acne or pigmentation, this will definitely cover everything up. And you can always apply two layers to areas that need more coverage.

So overall, I'm really impressed with this Garnier BB Cream and I would definitely recommend it to you guys! Give it a go and you won't be disappointed :)



  1. I recently bought this but haven't tried it yet! I'm excited now I've read your review as it sounds really good.



  2. I should really try this out! Sounds really good! Thanks for sharing! :)

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  4. I have combination/acne prone skin and if i don't exfoliate i get dry flakes and my skin gets this gross buildup of dead cells. The Lady Soma Antioxidant Berry Masque never bothered my skin-it actually feels cool and refreshing to me-which is saying a lot because many face masks make my skin burn like i just slapped Icyhot on it.

    After I use it, my skin gets soft and it removes a lot of dead skin off that i would have had to abrasively scrub off otherwise. No complaints here.

    Just don't get it in your eyebrows. That sucks. You have to wash it out with warm water to get it to dissolve.

  5. where can you buy it????????????????????

  6. I love Lady Soma too - it works great for my combination skin!

  7. hi !!!!!!!!!! how i know that BB creme garnier is orginal help me please thanks

    1. made in France or made in Germany ?? is the original