Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Birthday Haul!

Hi everyone!

It was my Birthday on the 15th of June and I want to share with you guys some of my favourite presents! Even though I bought most of them myself, it's still nice to treat yourself once in a while :)

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I somehow lost all my sunglasses, so I decided to splurge out and buy myself a good high-quality pair. I'm really happy with these Ray Ban ones, because they are very simple and classic, plus they sit nicely on my face.

And then probably my favourite present would have to be this Michael Kors bag. I'm really excited that I finally got it! I went for this muted ivory grey colour and the leather has a very unusual texture, almost like it's grated or scraped off. But I think it looks lovely!

Next I popped in to Lush! I adore this brand but their products are rather expensive, so I don't always buy them. But because it was my Birthday, I though why not! I bought this shower gel which can also be used as a shampoo. The main ingredient is honey, so it has a lot of healing properties plus it smells divine! I also decided to try one of their perfumes called 'Vanillary', and as the name suggests it smells of yummy vanilla :)

I know you're thinking how the hell can she afford this! But this lipstick I actually got for free with my Debenhams Beauty Card points. How good is that! I've always wanted to own one of these, so I decided on a neutral pink shade, which I know will work nicely for every day.

I also purchased another bottle of this perfume, which is one of my absolute favourites! I ran out of it ages ago, but I couldn't justify buying another expensive bottle straight away. So I have it now and I will be using it sparingly this time!

The final product I want to show you is this NARS blush in the famous 'Orgasm' colour. I can't believe I only bought it now, since it's such a popular shade! It's the most gorgeous coral pink blush with loads of shimmer, so I can't wait to try it!



  1. Love the bag! So pretty! Glad you got spoiled on your bday :)

  2. Wow probably the best birthday haul ive ever seen! Happy belated Birthday! x