Friday, 12 December 2014

My Top Diet & Weight Loss Tips | How To Stay Slim Over Christmas!!

The Christmas holidays are almost here! How excited are you? Well despite all the festive spirit, some of us are anxious about putting on weight over the holidays. It isn't that difficult if you think about all the Christmas parties and New Year's Eve coming up. So what can you do? Well here are some tips & tricks on how to stay slim and not pile on the pounds. Of course any of these ideas can be incorporated into your life all year round, but they can be especially useful around birthdays, weddings and Christmas of course!

1. Have a small snack before the main event
If you're ravenous then you will eat everything in sight once you arrive at the Christmas party. Make sure to have a snack or small meal beforehand, that way you will be satisfied and your body won't go crazy at the sight of all that food.
2. Choose one favourite dessert
Make up your mind about your absolute favourite dessert and have just that at the end of the meal. Planning ahead is crucial, as you will be relaxed and ready; so no excuse for trying every sweet thing there is!
3. Buy a smaller dress/outfit
If you splash out on a gorgeous outfit that is a little too small for you, then you will have motivation to stay in shape and not gain weight leading up to the Christmas holidays. I think we all know just how effective this trick is!
4. Get enough sleep
Sleep is essential for repairing your body, so no wonder that sleep deprivation leading up to any major event can stress you out and make you pile on the pounds. Make time for YOU and get as much sleep as you possibly can.
5. Stay away from alcoholic cocktails
It's crazy how many empty calories are hidden in those delicious cocktails. You might as well have a proper meal instead; at least that will fill you up on nutritious food.
6. Use smaller plates
This might not be the easiest thing to do if you're dining out, but at home this really is a great tip. You just can't put as much food on a smaller plate despite it looking full. This is a great way to trick your mind into thinking that you're eating much more than you actually are.
7. Go for a walk
Exercise is important all year round, but especially so after large meals. Going for a walk aids digestion, which is crucial after eating sugary and fatty foods. Let's not forget about the added bonus of burning off extra calories!
8. Choose the foods you love
When you see all the food that is available, just choose the things that appeal to you the most and stick to those. If you try to nibble on every single thing, then the calories will quickly add up without you feeling properly satiated.
9. Drink plenty of water
We all know to drink enough water, but did you know that it's an amazing weight loss aid? Having it before meals will fill up your stomach and stop you overeating. Try it and you will notice yourself eating less!
10. Don't be harsh on yourself
One thing we're all guilty of, is criticising ourselves and being overly harsh when most of the time it really isn't that big of a deal. We should all learn to take it easy and not stress ourselves out, as that will not bring any benefits whatsoever. Take time to get to a point where you're happy with yourself and what you've achieved.

What are your thoughts? Do you have any tips on staying healthy & slim?


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