Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Crap Products!

Hi everyone!

Today I want to do something a little different, so instead of talking about my favourites, I want to share with you guys some products that I was really disappointed in.

Click here to see me talk about these crap products

First I have 2 mascaras, which I really wanted to like but just couldn't! The one from Revlon made my eyelashes look short and stubby, which I've never experienced before in any other mascara. And then the Volumizer mascara from Bourjois was beyond crap! The brush in Step 1 didn't do anything, whereas Step 2 applied way too much product. I ended up with clumpy eyelashes that stuck together to look like one big eyelash. How gross is that!

     I was excited when I first bought this Maybelline Lip Stain but it turned out to be very disappointing. It stayed on my lips less than any lipstick or lipgloss, and was gone after one hour. It's sad because the scent is delicious and the colour looks really flattering on the lips!

    The thing that bugged me about this Stila foundation is the formula. It seems like there's oil and water in there which obviously doesn't mix well, so you end up with blotchy skin. I had parts of my face that had full coverage foundation on them and others that had no product at all. What's up with that?!

I was expecting great things from this Bourjois nail polish, because I absolutely love this brand and their products never disappoint. But this was definitely an exception! I admit that the colour looked gorgeous but the lasting power was non-existent. As soon as I applied it, my nails started chipping and the next day I woke up with nearly nothing left on my nails. Tut tut Bourjois! 

And don't even get me started on these imPRESS nails! I couldn't even get them to fit, as they were way too small for my own nails. They should really offer a wider selection of sizes because everyone's nails are different. Did you guys have the same problem or is it just me?

This Dry Shampoo by James Brown was a huge disappointment and it's not even a cheap brand! It made my hair even more oily than it already was, as well as making it all sticky and disgusting. I don't recommend it al all!

And then this TRESemme spray did absolutely nothing for my hair. I don't even know why I bought it, since I'm not a fan of TRESemme products! It felt like putting water in my hair, as I didn't feel any volume or texture at all. So don't waste your money guys! This is totally CRAP!

I apologize for such a depressing blog post haha! I hope this will at least help you guys save some money and not waste it on these products! 



  1. Ugh I didn't like the Revlon mascara either it left my lashes a clumpy mess xxx

  2. I know! what a disappointment :(