Sunday, 27 October 2013

October Favourites

It's that time of month again! I can't believe October is almost over; I'm really not looking forward to winter and the cold weather. How depressing! But let's focus on this months' favourites and all the lovely products that have been keeping me company. I talk about more of my favourites including Fashion and Random in my video, but here's all the beauty bits...

You can buy all the products at Feelunique

Need I mention how much I love the Clairol Nice N' Easy Hair Dye? It's my main favourite this month; I'm super impressed with the colour and condition of my hair, so check out my full review here.

My go to mascara this month has been the Max Factor Wild Mega Volume Mascara. If you're into big/bold/jet black lashes, then this is definitely the mascara for you! It has a big fluffy brush which holds a lot of the product; yet surprisingly, it doesn't clump or stick your eyelashes together. The price is not too high, so it's quickly becoming one of my favourite drugstore mascaras.

I found this Vaseline Cocoa Radiant Moisturizer at the back of my cupboard a few weeks ago, and I can't believe I forgot about such a great product! It smells heavenly and leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated. I love how it instantly absorbs into the skin even though it's a gorgeous thick texture; for those of you looking for a rich fall/winter lotion, this would be a great choice!

My friend gave me this orange sponge recently, which she claims is the best for cleansing the face and she is most certainly right! My skin has never felt so soft and smooth after cleansing. I don't feel the need to use any scrubs for my skin, as the sponge gives a gentle daily exfoliation and I can use it with any cleanser I like. So if you can get your hands on this product, then give it a go and you won't be disappointed!

The new L'Oreal Nude Magique Eau De Teint Foundation has also been my favourite this month. I did a review on it recently just because it's been working so great for my skin. It's a light velvety texture with light and virtually undetectable coverage. I love how my skin feels comfortable throughout the day and I don't get that cakey foundation look. Read the full review here

Have you tried any of these products? What are your favourites this month? 


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