Wednesday, 6 November 2013

10 Things I Will Repurchase :. My Holy Grail Beauty Products

Today I will be talking about my holy grail products, which I will always repurchase when they run out. I chose my top 10 and here they are...

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Starting with face products, I have the L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Powder. My face has been craving powder foundations recently and I have no idea why! Maybe it's the cold windy weather or perhaps my skin is trying to tell me something? Either way, this is the product I've been loving recently and I've been using it pretty much every day since I bought it. I talked about it more in my haul video or check out my blog post.

Another product which I will definitely be buying again is The Body Shop Bronzer. I actually discovered it in one of my makeup bags and what a great surprise that was! I completely forgot what an amazing bronzer this is and how gorgeous it looks on my skin. It gives me a deep glow, yet still looks natural; plus it lasts all day on my skin which is impressive, since my skin seems to eat up any other bronzer I apply. I would highly recommend it if you're looking for a new bronzer and the packaging is stunning!

I had to mention my Sigma brushes as they are my all time favourites. I chose the F80 and F84, which are from the 5 piece synthetic kabuki brush set. The F80 is my favourite brush for applying foundation, as it gives me that airbrushed finish without leaving any streaks; and the F84 I also love to use for foundation but it also works great for powder, bronzer and blush. The whole set would make a great investment as the brushes are such good quality and not too expensive; they are easy to look after and don't shed at all. Check them out here and get 10% off your entire order with code NOV2013

My must have concealer is the Rimmel Wake Me Up, which I'm sure you guys know is my absolute favourite. Just like the foundation, it has that lovely glow and seems to highlight my under eye are really well. It has full coverage, so it's perfect for using on the face as well to cover any blemishes, scars, etc. I love how it's a drugstore one, so it's affordable and lasts for absolutely ages.

My favourite serum/oil at the moment is the Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate. I will be very sad when it runs out, as it's quite pricey but I love it so much! I don't think people talk about it enough; it's such a great product and it's done wonders for my skin. I just put a few drops into my evening moisturizer and in the morning my skin looks healthy, glowing, radiant and just all round gorgeous! I can't rave enough about this product, it's a must have for any beauty junkie out there.

Moving on to the eyes, I had to mention the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner, which has been my holy grail product for years. If you're looking for that perfect black eyeliner then this is definitely the one for you. It's creamy and super easy to use unlike the other gel eyeliners out there; it never cracks and it's lasted me for absolutely ages!

The MAC 'Omega' eyeshadow is one of those products that I wouldn't be able to live without. As dramatic as that sounds, it's absolutely true. I use it every single day to fill in my eyebrows and I would be totally lost without it. If your hair is anywhere from light blonde to medium brown, then I suggest you give this colour a go; it makes the perfect eyebrow shade as it has that natural ashy undertone. I could probably write a whole blog post just talking about this eyeshadow, so I think I might stop myself here.

I also thought I would include a nail polish which I would most definitely repurchase even though I don't talk about it much. It's the Ciate nail polish in the colour 107 Pocket Money. The reason why I love it so much is because it's probably the only nail polish out there that actually lasts on my nails. Pretty much everything else I've tried comes off the next day; I have no idea what's wrong with my nails! This one from Ciate lasts for at least 5-6 days, which is an absolute miracle! Having said that, I haven't tried any other colours from this brand so I wouldn't know if they would work as well.

Moving on to skincare, my staple face cleanser is the Garnier Fresh Essentials Refreshing Cleansing Lotion. No matter what I use to cleanse my face(oil, balm, hot cloth cleanser), this is always my second step. Even though it's for combination skin, it's surprisingly hydrating; my skin feels soft, smooth and very confortable. I don't think I will ever stop using this product, plus it's only £2.99! I highly suggest you try it if you like the feel of a lotion and want something to gently remove all your makeup.

Last but definitely not least is my Raspberry Body Butter from The Body Shop. If you've tried this product yourself then you will know just how divine it smells. It almost reminds me of ice cream or maybe a delicious yoghurt? This body butter is for normal skin, so it's a little lighter than their usual ones and I like how fast it absorbs into my skin. Which body butter is your favourite from The Body Shop?

So what products will you repurchase? Have you tried any of the ones I mentioned?



  1. Really enjoyed this video.. Also, I was wondering if you put anything under the L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Powder because I want to buy it and use it on it's own.. But I don't know whether it will make any difference.. Can you use the powder all by itself or is it just to put on top of your makeup? Thanks :) xo

  2. Thanks Anna! I use it on it's own, but you could always wear it with a primer. If you want a lot of coverage then apply the BB powder over any foundation. So you can can use it however you want! :) xx

  3. I absolutely love love love Elemis treatments! The products are always so beautiful and you get visible results.

  4. Oh really? I've heard many goods things about Elemis. Maybe I should give it a go then! Anything specific you would recommend? xx