Thursday, 21 November 2013

Miracle Product That Transformed My Skin // Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate Review


Today I will be talking about one of my all time favourite skincare products. It's my holy grail and I can't believe I only discovered it 4 months ago. It has completely transformed my skin and it's never looked better! It is the one and only Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate...

Like the name suggests, this is an overnight treatment in the form of an oil. It is supposed to do all it's work during the night and recover your skin by morning. Many people use it by itself as their evening moisturizer/serum, but I like to mix a few drops into my regular moisturizer and apply it that way. Even though my skin is combination/dry, it is known for not absorbing oils very well, so 2-3 drops is enough for my skin. Having said that though, this product is suitable for all skin types from super oily to dry. I know some people are quite funny with oils and they don't like the feeling on their skin, but this is one of the very few oils that actually goes into the skin, so you're not left with that greasy feeling all night. Even those of you with oily skin need to moisturize to keep your skin in good condition, and to convince your skin that it doesn't actually need to produce all the oils. So the more you moisturize the less oils your skin will produce naturally.

Apart from the obvious hydration, the Kiehls Midnight recovery Concentrate targets a few other skin issues. It is quite a powerful anti-aging product even though it's not marketed as one. The deep hydration will obviously plump up your wrinkles and give you more of a healthy young appearance, but all the essential oils will also work deeper and help to reduce lines in the long run. It will take longer to see visible results as there are no ingredients like retinol in here that will give you more of an instant lift.

It is also great at evening out the skin tone and texture. If you have any scarring left from acne, uneven skin tone, pigmentation, pores and blackheads, this product will help to balance that out. It has an overall smoothing effect and gives your skin a lovely even texture. I've also personally noticed that the Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate is amazing at controlling acne breakouts. It helps to stop any new spots from appearing and heals any active breakout you may have. Because it is so calming, I find that my acne is less red and inflamed after using this product. And because it is healing the acne scarring as well, it's a double treatment in one bottle. If you've tried all sorts of topical treatments for your acne and nothing has worked, then I would highly suggest you give this a go! 

So if you can't already tell, I am absolutely in love with this miracle product. Personally, my skin looks amazing in the morning after I apply this overnight. I've been using the Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate every day for about 4 months now and I don't think I will ever stop to be honest. My skin just looks so healthy and radiant in the morning! I can't praise it enough and I'm sure that once you try it for yourself, you will be hooked.

£36.00 at Space NK

What are your experiences with the Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate? Have you tried it yet? 



  1. Oh my goodness! This sounds like a miracle in a bottle..I might just give this a try. Thanks for sharing! :) x

  2. You're welcome Natalie! It really is amazing so definitely give it a go! xx

  3. I've been using this for a few months now and my skin really benefits from it. Have just introduced a La Roche Posay serum as well so using it every other night but I find it really soothing!

    Stacey Expat Make-Up Addict

  4. This sounds perfect, I would definitely try this in the future :)
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing